Title: No product, big advertising.
Year: 2019.
Areas: Graphic design and illustration.

This project involved creating an advertising campaign for products that typically lack a brand identity, and in my case, the challenge was to promote a mouse trap without using the product's name or a direct graphic representation. The task encompassed designing a poster, an outdoor display, a magazine advertisement, and a campaign object.

My creative solution drew inspiration from the Portuguese saying "Quem não tem cão caça com gato," meaning "who doesn't have a dog, hunts with a cat." I transformed it into "Quem não tem gato, caça com 201T," translating to "Who doesn't have a cat, hunts with 201T."

The brand name cleverly abbreviates to "2 Holes 1 Trap," a playful nod to an inside joke that some of you may find a bit cheeky

Gonçalo Silva