Title: Zig-Zag Danzo.
Year: 2019.
Areas: Packaging.

Academic Project
The project entailed selecting a magic trick, creating a packaging design for the necessary materials, and establishing a brand for the trick. My choice was the zig-zag card trick, involving cutting the card in three ways and then seamlessly restoring it.

In a tribute to the renowned magician KATO DANZÖ, a skilled ninja from Japan known for using illusions to confound enemies and captivate audiences, I drew inspiration from Japanese culture. This influence is evident in the carefully crafted packaging, the wooden apparatus essential for the trick, and the engraved brand logo, "ZIG-ZAG DANZO" – a fusion of the trick's name and the magician's name. Additionally, I designed an instructional card and a standard card for performing the trick

Gonçalo Silva