Date 20.05.2019

Area Illustration, Packaging

Client School Project

Academic Project, ESAD-CR 2019
The briefing was choosing a magic trick and do a packaging for the materials needed and create a brand, for the trick. I chose the trick zig-zag card, that consist in cutting the card in 3 ways and than restaure it.
I decided to make a tribute to one famous magician, I chose KATO DANZÖ, he was a ninja from Japan and made a lot of illusions to mislead enemy's and impress the civilians.
So, I got a lot of inspiration from Japan culture, I made the packaging, the wood object needed for the trick and I engraved the logo of the brand (ZIG-ZAG DANZO), name of the trick + name of the magician, I also made an instructions card and a regular card for the trick.


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